Chrysogone Diangouaya (Congolese Dance and Drumming)

Congolese artist, Chrysogone Diangouaya, is a master of African dance, choreography, drumming, and storytelling. His unique contemporary style and technique emerged through the study of traditional African dances and natural body movements. Diangouaya’s professional career launched in the 1990s when he founded the Center for Body Expression, Dramatic Art, Stories, Percussion, and African Songs in Brazzaville, his home in the Republic of Congo. This program eventually became the first Congolese contemporary dance company, Ballet Theatre Monana. Before leaving the war-ravaged Congo in 1998, Diangouaya also organized the Association of Young Creators of Brazzaville and the first choreographic festival in the community.

In 1998, Diangouaya settled in Paris and founded the Compagnie Monana, a reiteration of his Ballet Theatre Monana, which creates and presents artistic and socio-cultural activities that promote and disseminate African culture. In the years since, he has collaborated with many recognized choreographers and become a celebrated international performing artist. Much of his work is honored at the annual Mabina-Danse Choreography and Dance Festival in Paris, which he founded.

Today, the Chrysogone Diangouaya Dance Center, located in the 18th District of Paris, is home to Diangouaya’s experimentation with new choreographic language based on contemporary thought and mixed culture. From this home base, he now travels throughout the world to drive social action, especially in support of women against discrimination, and to deliver his educational framework for teaching and mentoring children.