Senior Spotlight: Asya Miles

May 4th, 2019

Senior Spotlight: Asya Miles

Asya has been dancing for 12 years with New Ballet Ensemble. She started out as one of our first students in our Dunbar Elementary satellite program, and then came to NBE full time. Her favorite style of dance is Contemporary. Asya has accepted a full scholarship to Vanderbilt University, and she intends to become a speech pathologist and potentially an activist for those with autism.

Q: What advice would you give to a young dancer?

A: Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Don’t allow your weaknesses to make you feel like you’re beneath anyone else. If we all had absolutely perfect technique, dance would lose its edge.

Q: What is your favorite memory at New Ballet?

A: Learning the unique piece that Toni Pierce Sanders taught the ballet 7 dancers last summer.

Q: Why is New Ballet special to you?

A: New Ballet is like an extended family where I can spend time bettering my dance technique with people I genuinely care about .

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