cityCURRENT: "New Ballet Ensemble & School: Bringing Youth Together Through Dance"

November 13th, 2020

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Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Katie Smythe, CEO and Artistic Director, and London Bruce, Teaching Artist, at New Ballet Ensemble & School, who highlight their efforts to bring youth together by providing a professional standard of dance training, regardless of the ability to pay. During the interview, Smythe discusses being honored as the 2020 Thomas W. Briggs Foundation Community Service Award recipient, the power of high standards and how it is translating to transforming the lives of youth. Bruce, who is a former student and now Teaching Artist, shares her experiences and what New Ballet Ensemble & School means to her and her family, as well as how the pandemic has impacted their ability to teach in person and with Shelby County Schools. They also spotlight their annual holiday tradition, Nut Remix, which is presented by Nike, along with other ways the community can support their efforts.

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