TAC License Plate Program

Back the Arts with a TAC Specialty License Plate!

When you purchase a specialty license plate in Tennessee, a portion of the proceeds goes to the Tennessee Arts Commission (TAC), which supports arts organizations, such as New Ballet, throughout the state of Tennessee through grant funding.

These plates are available to Tennessee residents who are registering a private passenger motor vehicle. The annual fee is $56.50. $30.75 of the additional $35 collected is allocated to the Tennessee Arts Commission. The plate can be personalized with 5 characters available for a total fee of $91.50.

Visit https://tnspecialtyplates.org/ for more info!

Download Application


Where does my $35 go?

Ninety percent of revenue from the sale goes directly to the Tennessee Arts Commission. The remainder goes to the state of Tennessee to cover the cost of manufacturing the plate.

Do I have to renew my registration to pre-order a plate?

No, your license plate pre-order does not have to coincide with your regular registration renewal.

What if I just renewed my plate?

Once you receive notice that your plate is ready, you can go immediately to your local County Clerk’s office to redeem your plate. If it does not coincide with your annual registration renewal, they will pro-rate your annual renewal fee. Or, if you prefer, the county clerk will hold the plate until it’s time to renew your registration.

Can I personalize my plate?

Once the new plates have been produced and are available in the local county clerk’s office, you can apply for a personalized plate by completing the application for Tennessee personalized license plates and sending the application along with a $70 fee to the taxpayer and Vehicle Services Division.