Student Handbook

Welcome to New Ballet Ensemble and School! Our goal is to offer the highest quality rigorous dance training that prepares children for professional opportunities, college programs, or to be lifelong practitioners of dance and lovers of the arts, regardless of economic, racial or cultural barriers.

Interested in brain science? Here's another terrific reason to participate in dance.

There are an array of classes taught in our state of the art studios by master educators, guest instructors and NBE teaching artists in an atmosphere of encouragement and excellence. Studying at New Ballet Ensemble and School allows young people to interact with other students and to benefit from a diverse and highly qualified faculty and periodic objective evaluations of progress.

In addition to the studio track where students commit to a set schedule of training, there is a range of levels and spirit of collaboration that make it possible for everyone to find the right fit at NBE. Those oportunities include tap, hip hop, adult and beginning fundamental ballet classes that allow students to enter "where they are".

Frequent performance opportunities, sequential curricula and a pre-professional approach for highly motivated dance students give ample opportunity for those interested in serious study. Founded in 2003, New Ballet Ensemble and School moved into a 14,500 square foot state of the art building in Cooper Young in 2006. In addition to three beautiful studios scaled to accommodate levels from early childhood to pre-professional practice, there is a full service Pilates studio available to students, their families and friends.

An integral component of this real world arts experience and the study of ballet is the commitment and discipline required of the students. These skills carry over into other areas of young people’s lives. Many dancers are honor students who maintain outstanding grades while participating in up to 15 hours or more of dance per week. NBE students maintain organizational skills at a very high level while pursuing an activity that provides physical, mental and spiritual well-being. NBE graduates are professionals in a number of areas, including dance, journalism, education, international relations, entrepreneurship, physical therapy, business and fashion.

The study of ballet and dance is a learning activity. We ask that parents take this into consideration when planning trips, parties or making decisions to perhaps withhold ballet classes as a punishment for something unrelated to dance. This might unwittingly affect a child's physical conditioning and progress by interrupting the training. 

Our calendar is published at the beginning of the school year and vacation and holidays are set. Please consult this calendar before making plans. Of course, we understand that there are always events that cannot be changed, but we ask that you do your best to prevent interruption in your child's training schedule.

The policies set forth in this manual are offered to ensure a safe, constructive, and respectful learning environment for all participants. We welcome you to the New Ballet family and hope that you will spend a little time learning more about New Ballet School in these pages.

Thank you for your commitment. The parents' role is critical to the success of young dancers. NBE appreciates your efforts and looks forward to your participation as a volunteer! Please know that our doors are always open and if you have any questions or simply would like to offer comments and suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.  Look for Parent surveys from NBE in your inbox. Your input will help in shaping our program to address parental and child concerns.

Emails to the CEO and Artistic Director may not be returned immediately. If you require an immediate response, please call the front desk, (901) 726-9225 or email Mary Golden, Program Director, to make an appointment -  mary [at] newballet [dot] org.

  1. Mission Statement
  2. Registration
  3. Placement and Evaluation
  4. Tuition
  5. School Curriculum
  6. Class size and Instruction Points
  7. Attendance Policy
  8. Weather Policy
  9. Rules of Conduct
  10. Classroom Etiquette
  11. Dress Code
  12. Dancer Health
  13. Pointe Work
  14. Parent Observation
  15. Performing Opportunities
  16. Performance Etiquette
  17. Summer Offerings
  18. Ensemble
  19. Community Engagement
  20. Non-Discrimination Statement
  21. Privacy Policy

  1. Mission Statement

    The New Ballet Ensemble and School brings together children by providing a professional standard of training, regardless of the ability to pay.

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  2. Registration

    All students participating in the New Ballet Ensemble School Core Studio program must be registered to attend class. It is very important for parents to keep all contact information up to date. School staff must be able to contact parents in case of emergency, and we must be able to reach you with information about scheduling and your child’s progress. 

If parents have separate addresses or the person paying for the lessons lives at a different address from the child, please note this on your registration form and, if necessary, contact administration to clarify.

    If you prefer to be contacted at a number other than your home or via email, please let us know and we would be happy to oblige. We are working hard to ensure that all parents and guardians have the information they need.

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  3. Placement and Evaluation

    Class placement for new students is at the discretion of the faculty and the school director.

    Students six (6) years old and younger will be placed by age.

    New students seven (7) and older take a placement class prior to signing up for classPlacement class fee is $15.00 and is rolled into tuition or scholarship once registered.

    Placement of returning students is always a collective faculty decision.

    The faculty of the NBE School reserves the right to re-evaluate a student’s placement at anytime, based on factors including, but not limited to, performance, attendance, and approach.

    Questions regarding placement should be directed to the Director of Education, Mary Golden,

    All students will receive written annual evaluations of their progress, and parent-teacher conferences may be arranged at a mutually convenient time throughout the year.

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  4. Tuition

    Tuition is non-refundable.

    A 5% discount is given for annual payment due at the time of registration.

    Semester payments are due at the time of registration and on or before December 1st.

    Monthly payments are offered to Ballet I-VII classes and due by the 1st of the month.

    A valid credit card must be on file at NBE for the monthly payment option.

    Delinquent account balances will result in the dismissal of a student. However, there is still an obligation to pay the balance in full.

    Students enrolled in Ballet II, III, IV, V, VI, and VII are obligated to pay the annual tuition in full regardless of whether or not the student withdraws prior to completing the full year of classes.

    Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, and Ballet I students must notify NBE no later than December 1, 2013, if a student withdraws at the end of the first semester. A $100 withdrawal fee will be assessed if notice is not given. See your contracts for the complete fee schedule.

    A $25 fee will be added to every late payment.

    If you are unable to pay at the appropriate time, please contact the school administration so that arrangements can be made. Tuition not paid for 2 months may result in the cancellation of NBE services to the family until either payment or arrangements are made.

    The returned check fee is $25. A second returned check will result in the implementation of a cash or money order transaction only on the particular account in question.

    Private lessons are given at the discretion of the Director and must be arranged directly with the office during business hours, 11AM - 7PM M-Th.  A teacher must be present at all times when a student is using NBE studio space for private practice. Privates range in price from $50.00- $150.00 per visit and are available on a case by case basis as the teacher’s schedule permits.

    There will be no refunds issued for missed classes or vacations. If your child will be absent for an extended period of time, you must make arrangements with the school staff in advance.

    A number of full and partial scholarships are available based on financial need and ballet ability. If you need financial assistance please speak to Kathy Coburn to pick up an application or contact Mary Golden.

    NBE reserves the right to cancel any class that has fewer than five participants, and, in that instance, will refund all tuition paid up until that date.

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  5. School Curriculum

    Students will train in the structure of the Christina Bernal technique that has it origins in the work of Maggie Black. In addition, elements of both Vagonova and Royal Academy methods are linked to learning objectives. New Ballet instructors assess performance based on a combination of these methods (milestones) while delivering state of the art training that has been employed by Ms. Bernal in her coaching of Principal dancers from around the world, including dancers from American Ballet Theater, the Royal Swedish Ballet, New York City Ballet and the Joffrey Ballet. She has worked with Dr. David Hamilton in rehabilitation of dance injuries with remarkable results. New Ballet strives to avoid injuries as much as possible by attention to detail in placement and alignment.

    We begin training at the earliest age of three with Creative Movement, a class that focuses on exploring, learning, and memorizing the BrainDance. Students learn movement sequences based on developmental movement patterns that prepare their bodies and brains for physical activity and learning.

    Students begin ballet fundamentals in Pre-Ballet and continue to advance in Ballet I through Ballet VII.

    Ultimately the students will have attained a comprehensive knowledge of Classical Ballet, in addition to character dance (Flamenco), Cultural dance (African and Chinese dance) Modern dance and NEW styles such as Jookin' and commercial hip hop, preparing them for 21st Century cutting edge concert dance. Performing opportunities are vital to the experience.

    A copy of the syllabus for each level is available upon request.

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  6. Class size and Instruction Points

    The New Ballet philosophy accentuates individual attention in a small class setting. At NBE, the average class size has 15 students. This provides value to our families. We must have a minimum of 5 registered students in order to hold a class, and some classes average only 8- 10 students.

    Occasionally, classes may exceed 15 and in this case, a second instructor is added to assure individual attention. Advanced classes may be combined when a rehearsal involving a majority of students from different classes immediately follows. This practice is to assure that all dancers are properly warm before a rehearsal and helps to prevent injury. In this instance, dancers may be called in earlier or later than usual. This naturally results in peer to peer mentoring and role modeling. Combined classes will not exceed 30 students.

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  7. Attendance Policy

    Students are expected to attend all required classes and rehearsals within their level.  This includes Ballet, Pilates, Flamenco, Modern, African or Hip Hop, any class that is part of the core curriculum.

    Rehearsal schedules are subject to change. It is the family’s responsibility to check the website for rehearsal schedules.

    A maximum of two (4) previously arranged absences are allowed as “excused” including academic & religious events. Please see front desk for a form*.

    Fall and Spring Break absences are excused and do not need to be made up.  Please note on your GENERAL absence request form that you will be absent due to Fall or Spring Break. 

    Excessive missed classes will be made up in the class level below. Please designate make-up date and time on absence request form submitted to teacher/Director. This applies for Ballet 4-7 students ONLY. 

    Injured dancers, please monitor class. We learn valuable lessons through observation**

    Missed classes will be a factor in bi-annual evaluations, casting choices, and progressions.

    If a student is sick and unable to attend, please contact the school staff at 901.726.9225 to leave a message including name and class level. If no one is available to take your call, please leave a voicemail for the school administrative assistant. Do not e-mail the Director.
 Absences due to illness will be made up at the teacher's discretion and on an individual basis.

No student is permitted to participate in a class if they are more than ten minutes late to that class. This is an injury prevention measure. A student may observe class in this instance, however the class will be considered missed and must be made up.

    Excessive absences or tardiness can severely hamper a student’s progress and result in injury; therefore, poor attendance may force New Ballet to place a student in a lower level or to repeat a level.**

    More detailed attendance information will be discussed at the individual class meetings.   


    There are 2 different absence request forms.

    1. Academic/Religious Absence Request
    2. General Absence Request

    The Academic/Religious Absence Request Form is for school-sanctioned ACADEMIC events and/or religious events.  These absences do not need to be made up. The form must be signed by parent, student and academic teacher or religious leader to be considered complete (common knowledge religious holidays such as Yom Kippur and Easter do not require religious leader confirmation).  The completed form must be submitted to the classroom teacher AT LEAST 2 WEEKS IN ADVANCE, and submission DOES NOT guarantee approval of the request. 

    The General Absence Request Form is for all other requests that fall outside of academic and/or religious events.  A maximum of two (2) previously arranged absences are allowed as “excused”.  Make-up class dates must be designated on the form in addition to being signed by both parent and student.  The completed form must be submitted to the classroom teacher AT LEAST 2 WEEKS IN ADVANCE, and submission DOES NOT guarantee approval of the request. 


    *Excused absences include: school sanctioned events, graduation of a sibling, funerals of a close relative and college testing or visits.  

    **Injured dancers may miss for physical therapy with documentation. Documentation must be presented to the classroom teacher when the student returns for the next class. Absences due to injuries must be made up over time.

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  8. Weather Policy

    NBE will follow the Shelby County Schools policies with regard to school closures due to weather. 

    Watch WREG-TV Channel 3 for updates.

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  9. Rules of Conduct

    New Ballet Ensemble and School is very fortunate to welcome students into a beautiful facility. Dance requires grace and poise from the student at all times. New Ballet students are expected to behave in a well mannered fashion with dignity and respect for the studio, the study of dance, and all of the teachers.  We encourage students and parents to give every instructor the same respect as they naturally tend to extend to Ms. Smythe.  It is essential for students to display a professional attitude every time they enter the building. These rules should serve as guidelines for proper behavior, but must be supplemented by the decorum of parents and other guests. The resulting atmosphere will be that of a joyous and distinctive environment.

    1. Parents must wait in the lobby or front porch area. Students must wait for class to begin either in the dressing room areas or by QUIETLY warming up outside the studio.  Again, students must be silent and working to warm up and not engaging in loud conversation which could be disruptive to classes. The main lobby is for parent or student waiting only, and small children should be engaged in quiet activity.  Parents should meet their children in the lobby after class and New Ballet cannot be responsible for children waiting outside of the building or secured area.
    2. The upstairs mezzanine level is reserved for administrative staff, costuming and Pilates clients. There will be no admittance of students without express permission from or an appointment with the Director, the Director of Education, or the Pilates studio. Parents are welcome to tour the area.
    3. Siblings of students should never be left unattended to roam the building. The Green Room is equipped with crayons and coloring books, magazines and ballet books.  Please feel at ease in accessing this space or to make yourself a cup of coffee. Wireless is available throughout the facility.
    4. Food and beverages may be enjoyed responsibly in the non-carpeted areas or green room only. Litter will not be tolerated, and food and drink are banned from all other areas of the building. Gum chewing will not be tolerated anywhere in the building.
    5. New Ballet is a NON SMOKING FACILITY.
    6. NBE assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen property. Cell phones, iPods and wallets may be placed in dance bags and brought into the studios. Cell phones should be reserved for student/parent conversations only. Students who use the phones to talk to others during rehearsal times will be asked to leave the phone in the office until pick up or dismissal.
    7. No birthday parties or events that are to take place outside of NBE and are not official school or company events are to be discussed at the studio unless the entire class is invited.
    8. NBE is a DRUG FREE studio. The use of drugs by either students or employees is not tolerated in any way, shape, or form. A dancer’s body is a dancer’s only tool and must be well cared for.  A dancer cannot achieve his/her objectives if under the influence of a mind-altering drug.  It is dangerous for a dancer to use drugs, and can place others in danger.  Drugs hamper motivational skills.  Older dancers are role models for younger students and must place high value on this awesome responsibility to help model behavior for those who follow. Younger students make it their business to know EVERYTHING about their role models.  You cannot hide drug use.  NBE will grant a leave of absence to any student who volunteers for rehabilitation in a licensed drug rehabilitation program.  If drug use or possession is found or suspected on school property, the Memphis City Police will be called immediately.  If a student or employee is suspected to be under the influence of drugs, they will be asked to leave and appropriate actions will be taken.
    9. NBE will not tolerate emotional outbursts or swearing in the studio. If there is a problem that must be dealt with, please make an appointment with the office to arrive at a mutual understanding or to resolve any conflict that may arise.
    10. Theft of property by an NBE student will result in immediate expulsion with no refund of tuition given.
    11. NBE does not promote the practice of excessive dieting. (Please see notes concerning this issue in SECTION 12).
    12. Please do not stop Ms. Smythe in the hallway to discuss business or artistic questions. A hurried answer to your question may not be accurate or comprehensive. Any questions or comments MUST be directed to the office during office hours.
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  10. Classroom Etiquette

    All dancers are expected to respect their teachers, their fellow dancers, and their art form. Any violation of classroom etiquette will be addressed by the Director in a telephone call or email to the parent.

    Repeated or extreme violations could result in expulsion from New Ballet Ensemble School.

    • An NBE dancer is polite at all times, looking adults in the eye and responding with “please” and “thank you”.

    • Dancers are required to treat their classmates with kindness and respect.  The School Director will address undue competitiveness or cruelty with parents in an arranged conference.
    • Talking is not permitted during any class or rehearsal while the instructor or rehearsal director is addressing the class.
    • Dancers must devote all of their energy and concentration to their personal performance.
    • Dress code will be followed.
    • Unless injured or ill, students must participate in all combinations in class.

    • Dance bags should be brought into the studio, but neatly stacked, leaving space to enter and exit the room. NEVER LEAVE A BAG or belongings IN THE HALLWAY.
    • Always keep wallets and purses in the studio, not in the dressing room unless locked in locker.
Cellular phones must be turned off throughout all classes. Phone usage during class will result in dismissal from that class with an unexcused absence. Students may check for messages from parents during breaks between class and rehearsal or at the end of class.
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  11. Dress Code

The dress code at NBE exists for a variety of reasons. It is part of the tradition and etiquette of ballet, instills discipline and builds self-esteem, builds class unity and makes it easier for the teacher to see and correct mistakes. In addition, the uniform presents a unified and immaculate class to a group of observers in keeping with a professional standard of training.


    Uniform information for each class level will be sent home with each student’s registration packet.

    Hip Hop classes: 
Athletic pants or shorts, T-shirt, and tennis shoes.

    Jazz, Modern, Flamenco, all rehearsals:
 Students are expected to remain in uniform. Black jazz shoes are required for jazz, and black flamenco or character shoes and a black character skirt or black jazz pants are required for flamenco. Black tights may be worn for jazz and modern. No warm-ups are to be worn during class or rehearsal under any circumstances, but are recommended for break times.

  All girls must wear their hair in a neat bun for every class unless they sport a "bob" (a headband may be of use). Bangs and “whispies” should be controlled with hairspray, gel, and barrettes, as needed. A professional appearance should be maintained throughout all levels of our school.


    Jewelry and appearance:
  No jewelry is permitted with the exception of small earrings. Any other type of jewelry could be a hazard or a distraction while dancing. 
All students are required to wear appropriate clothing into the building. This includes a cover-up for students of all ages and proper footwear. Dance shoes should never be worn outside.

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  12. Dancer Health

    NBE does not promote the practice of excessive dieting, but does promote good nutritional practices which may exclude the over consumption of sugar and empty calories. A dancer is advised to consume a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates and fresh fruits and vegetables. We encourage families to promote good eating habits and to ask questions or seek consultations with a qualified nutritionist or family physician.

    Be alert to danger signs of changed eating practices such as eating only one kind of food (to the exclusion of other healthy foods), refusal to be weighed or obsessive comments about weight.

    DO be prepared for your child to want to eat well, and to possibly want to refuse foods that may have been heartily consumed in the past, such as lots of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, cakes, ice cream and sugary packaged treats (on a daily basis).

    The simple fact is, that to dance, she should not eat a typical southern diet all of the time. A diet of lean meats, vegetables, salads and whole grains and low fat dairy products is more appropriate for an athlete, with the occasional treat thrown in.

    A growing child should consume the number of calories per day as recommended by your physician.

    New Ballet policy dictates that NO TEACHER WILL APPROACH A CHILD WHO IS UNDER 18 TO DISCUSS WEIGHT.  We will consult with a parent. This will only take place if the weight gain causes concern over the physical well being of the dancer or her ability to participate on a level with her peers. Some dancers who are very overweight should not participate in pointe work and should enter a program such as Weight Watchers (or a physician assisted program) before returning to dance. NBE reserves the right to implement this policy.  We also reserve the right to express concern over too much weight loss and to request that a child be seen by her physician before returning to a regular class schedule.

Discussions about nutrition do take place in the studio. It is common for a dancer to find herself struggling with weight at some point in her life. A male or female dancer may need to gain weight. A female dancer who has grown up on a limited diet of processed foods, too many fast foods or junk foods, may have been able to maintain a slender form up until adolescence, when this pattern of eating tends to cause startlingly quick weight gain. We encourage good eating habits NOW, to prevent the confusion and alarm over a sudden weight gain, injury that may result from such a problem, but especially to work towards the prevention of the implementation (by the teenage dancer) of unhealthy ways of coping.  

    A diet of whole foods, free of too many desserts and fast food, is the healthiest way to maintain a strong body suitable for ballet.
  Please support and participate in any efforts to go in a healthy direction and discourage (intervene in) any negative or self-effacing comments concerning body image or unusual eating practices. It is very normal for a child to gain weight throughout puberty, and as long as she is eating healthfully and is not too heavy to dance, this should not prevent her from flourishing in the studio.

    Contrary to popular opinion, eating disorders are not just a problem effecting dancers, and may point to more serious underlying psychological issues. Please call our attention to any concerns you may have in this regard at the earliest possible opportunity by consulting with your physician and requesting a conference with Ms. Smythe.

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  13. Pointe Work

    Pointe work begins at Ballet V level and at the approximate age of 12 years old.

    Some students may be held off pointe until the requisite level of technical proficiency has been attained or until a particular growth or developmental phase is complete. This decision is made based upon the decision of the Director, and, like casting, cannot be influenced by a parental request. In rare instances, the Director may ask for a podiatry or orthopedic exam before placing the child on pointe.

    Attendance at a minimum of four ballet classes per week is REQUIRED in order for a student to dance on pointe. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE. If a student has a poor attendance record or continually arrives late for classes, she will not be allowed on pointe.

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  14. Parent Observation

    Parent Observation is a priority at New Ballet.  We intend to educate and serve families by opening up the process in order to facilitate conversation at home. However, in order to ensure a quiet learning atmosphere and environment where the pupils can concentrate without distraction, observers are permitted only on announced observation weeks. We will make exceptions for visiting grandparents or other important people in a child's life.  

    If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s training, your child’s teacher, or the school, the director would be happy to meet with you at a mutually agreeable time.

    We encourage you to become actively engaged by taking advantage of Parent Observation. Please come witness your talented children working hard toward their goals, but do be careful to refrain from comments or conversation with other parents.
 There will be one observation week each semester which will be posted on the school calendar. Other relatives and friends are welcome, but please bring no more than four observers to one class. Absolutely no talking or conversation will be permitted during class observation. Unruly or noisy children will be asked to leave the room.

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  15. Performing Opportunities

    The Artistic Director, Katie Smythe, regularly teaches, observes and makes selections of students for various company productions including the Nut Re-Mix. Advanced students have the opportunity to rehearse and perform on a number of projects, working throughout Memphis with  professional dancers, guest choreographers, and resident artists.

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  16. Performance Etiquette

    NBE strives for professional standards in performance. The following are the guidelines for rehearsal and performance:

    • Casting is to be determined by the New Ballet professional faculty. Decisions are not up for discussion or negotiation. Students may or may not be in the same piece as classmates.
    • Performing students are expected to attend all rehearsals. Rehearsals will be posted on the internet under School, Calendar, Rehearsals, and will be handed out on paper one-week prior to rehearsals. Rehearsals frequently fall on Saturday afternoons and, close to performances, may occur on Sundays. If students miss two or more rehearsals they may be removed from the piece.
    • The theater atmosphere is comparable to that expected in a sanctuary. Dancers are expected to behave accordingly. No running, eating, yelling or loud talking will be tolerated. No gum chewing is allowed. Student dancers are expected to respect others and to obey adults or theater personnel.
    • All students are expected to respect their costumes and to replace them on hangers after each use. This should be a dancer’s job, not that of the parent of the dancer. At no time should students eat or drink in costumes, sit in costumes, or place their hands on the waist of a costume while waiting for performance. Any abuse of costumes will be fined with a dry-cleaning fee of $30.00.
    • Makeup guidelines will be provided before performances and must be followed.
    • Do not bring valuables to the theater. NBE takes no responsibility for lost or stolen items.
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  17. Summer Offerings

    We strongly encourage all of our dancers over the age of six to continue their training during the summer. Taking classes during summer prevents injury by keeping the body in top condition. Students often progress faster in the summer, making it a valuable time for learning. Below is a list of our summer offerings. Faculty and staff can help you choose the correct program for your child.

    • Peter and the Wolf (Ages 4 – 6): Half-day camp program in on-week session in June. Classes include creative movement, crafts, and exploration of characters from Peter and the Wolf. Extra fees apply.
    • Summer Camp (Levels Ballet I, II, and III): Half-day camp program in one-week sessions in June.  Classes include Ballet, Modern, and Flamenco. Extra fees apply.
    • Ballet IV Intensive: Modern, Flamenco, and Jazz are taught intensively in addition to the daily ballet classes. This program and runs for one week, from 9am-3 pm M-F. Dates are in late June. Extra fees apply.
    • Ballet V, VI, and VII Intensives: Three-week intensive ballet workshop begins almost immediately at the close of the spring semester, facilitating participation in other summer programs which regularly run in July and August. Session includes performance and world-renowned guest instructors. Fees included in tuition.


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  18. Ensemble

    NBE is home to a professional ensemble of teaching and performing artists.  Many of these dancers have been NBE students for up to seven years or have had professional careers before arriving at NBE. Most are also teachers in the school.  Some have entered on the Intern track.

    The Ensemble offers performing opportunities to pre-professional dancers presenting ballet to individuals who otherwise would not have the opportunity to enjoy or have a more thorough understanding of the art of ballet. The group learns new and classical works and presents them to underprivileged youth and the Memphis public for free or affordable costs.

    We encourage families to attend NBE performances at Playhouse, GPAC, the Levitt Shell and other public venues in Memphis in order to support our efforts as representatives of the NBE school and company and to give students the opportunity to view their role models. It is motivating, educational and valuable for the young NBE students to see the company and ensemble in performance and to witness the enthusiasm from our audiences.

    All NBE students must show deference to company members in rehearsal studios, dressing rooms and on stage. If a company member requests quiet from a student, the student must comply and take this correction as if it were given by the director.

    Advanced students may be acting as assistant to the director in retrieving other students to come to the stage for a call or lighting cue. They will be identified to parents on the first day of theater rehearsal.

    If you witness any behavior by a company member or advanced dancer that concerns you, please notify Ms. Smythe by calling the office.

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  19. Community Engagement

    Reaching over 25,000 students since 2004, Community Engagement is the foundation of a vital part of the NBE program and is key to the development of our mission to provide a professional standard of training to Memphis children, regardless of the ability to pay. Our intention is to build a school and performing ensemble based on excellence in training that ultimately represents the racial and socio-economic demographics of Memphis. This will enhance our community, bringing us together in the effort to build a cutting edge community school that is like no other.

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  20. Non-Discrimination Statement

    New Ballet Ensemble and School does not discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or economic status and is an equal opportunity education facility, contractor and employer.

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  21. Privacy Policy


    New Ballet Ensemble and School (NBE) is committed to keeping your personal information strictly confidential. When we collect your personal information (i.e. name, address, e-mail, and telephone number) it is in an effort to improve your experience and to notify you about program updates, services and answer inquiries. We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties. From time to time, we’ll share aggregated (collective) information about our members as a group, or generate aggregate reports and market research for funding/community partners. These reports will not identify individual members.


    Our site uses cookies to personalize and improve your shopping experience. These cookies do not contain any confidential or personal information. They allow us to enhance your shopping experience. For example, if you have added products to your shopping cart and suddenly have to log out of our site, you can return later that day and still have those items in your shopping cart.


    We use industry-standard methods to protect your information from unauthorized access. Among other techniques, we store such information on a computer behind our “firewall” in a secure location, and we restrict the number of employees internally who can access such data. To ensure the safety of your personal information, including your credit card number, we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Technology. SSL protects information as it crosses the Internet. Any data stored is kept in a secure off-site location and stored in a password-protected server. Please be aware, of course, that there is no such thing as perfect security – on or off the Internet.

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