PLEASE NOTE:  Calendar is subject to change. 

All New Ballet students are expected to attend all classes. Please complete the online absence request form atleast 2 weeks prior to your absence.  New Ballet students are allowed up to 2 excused absences. Students in levels IV, V, VI and VII will make up missed classes in the level below the student's regular level and are scheduled at the Artistic Director's discretion.

Dancers are allowed two religious and academic absences. Please fill out the online permission form in advance. This helps the staff with the planning of rehearsals. All absences for ACT/SAT/ISEE testing are automatically EXCUSED with prior notice. Doctors notes for prolonged absences are accepted, making these excused without need for make up lessons. 

Repeated unexcused absences and/or tardies hamper the fullfillment of a dancer's goals. NBE offers a high standard of training with high expectations. The Teacher or Program Director may call a parent conference in the case of multiple missed classes. Scholarships are also contingent on attendance.

Please review the detailed School Attendance Policy in the Student Handbook.

If a dancer must be absent for any reason, please fill out the online absence request form here.

2018-2019 New Ballet Ensemble and School Calendar:

August 8, 5:30-6:30 p.m. Placement auditions for new students ONLY                           

August 13                           First Day of Fall Semester Classes

August 18                           Parent Orientation Conference 10am-4pm at Memphis Made Brewery

September 3                       No Classes: Labor Day

September 15                     No Classes: Cooper Young Fest

September 21                     Memphis Renaissance at Levitt Shell | 7:00 pm

October 15                         Nut ReMix Casting Announced

October 21                         Nut ReMix Costume Fitting

October 22-27                   Class Observation Week

October 31                         No Classes: Halloween

November 21-25                No Classes: Thanksgiving Break

December 2                        Nut ReMix Rehearsal

December 8                        Last Day of Fall Semester Classes

December 9                        Nut ReMix Rehearsal

December 10-16                NutRemix Production/Performance Week

December 11                      Blocking Rehearsal (both casts)

December 12                      Orchestra/Tech and Dress Rehearsal (both casts)

December 13                      Nut ReMix School Show/ Dress Rehearsal 10:30 (Apples)

December 14                      Nut ReMix performance @ 7pm (Oranges rehearsal before show)

December 15                      Nut ReMix performance @ 5:30pm

December 16                      Nut ReMix performance @ 2:30pm

December 17-January 6  No Classes: Winter Break

January 7                            NBE Classes Resume

January 19                          MLK Arts Unite Event

January 21                          No Classes: MLK Day

February 23                        Springloaded Rehearsals begin (Levels 4-7)

February 25- March 2        Class Observation Week

March 1                               Parent Appreciation Lunch

March 9-15th                      No Classes | Studio Closed for Spring Break

March 28                             Building Brighter Futures Luncheon

March 31                             Springloaded Rehearsal

April 7                                 Springloaded Rehearsal

April 8- April 13                  No Classes for Level 4 and Up: Springloaded Performance Week

April 10                               Blocking Rehearsal

April 11                               Dress Rehearsal

April 12                               Springloaded @ GPAC (School Show): 10:30am

April 13                               No Saturday Classes: Springloaded performance @ 5:30

April 14                               Springloaded performance @ 2:30

April 15                               No Classes Levels 5-7: Performer’s Break

April 19                               No Classes: Good Friday

April 20                               No Classes: Easter Saturday

May 8                                  Family Night at Levitt Shell

May 11                                Last Day of Classes for Spring Semester

                                           Levels 4 and Up: End of the Year Dance Party

May 12-June 2                    Academic Break                          

June 3- 14                          CityDance

June 3-21                           Levels 6-7 Summer Intensive

June 3- 14                          Level 5 Summer Intensive  

June 17-21                         Level 4 Summer Intensive

June & July                          Children's Summer Camps (announced in January)